How Can I Hide a Video Camera in My Car?

If you’re someone who frequently needs to leave their car unattended, you might be considering installing a video camera. Whether it’s for security purposes or just to keep an eye on things, having a video camera in your car can provide you with peace of mind.

However, you might not want the camera to be visible to potential thieves or vandals. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to hide a video camera in your car.

Step 1: Choose the Right Camera

The first step is to choose a small and discreet camera that can be easily concealed. There are many options available on the market, ranging from tiny spy cameras that can fit into pens or buttonholes to compact dash cams that attach directly to your windshield.

Mini Spy Cameras

Mini spy cameras are great for covert surveillance as they can be hidden in plain sight. These cameras are typically no larger than a few inches and can be disguised as everyday objects such as keychains or USB drives.

Dash Cams

Dash cams are another popular option for car surveillance. They attach directly to your windshield and record everything that happens on the road ahead of you. Many dash cams come with a small form factor and can easily be hidden behind your rearview mirror.

Step 2: Find the Perfect Spot

Once you’ve chosen your camera, the next step is to find the perfect spot to hide it. Ideally, you want the camera to be able to capture as much of the interior of your car as possible while remaining hidden from view.

Behind the Rearview Mirror

One popular spot for hiding a video camera is behind the rearview mirror. This location provides an unobstructed view of the interior of your car while remaining hidden from view.

In Between Seats

Another great spot for hiding a camera is in between the seats. This location allows the camera to capture both the front and rear of your car.

Inside Roof Liner

If you’re handy with tools, you can hide your camera inside the roof liner of your car. This location provides a completely hidden camera that can capture everything that happens inside your car.

Step 3: Conceal the Camera

Once you’ve found the perfect spot for your camera, it’s time to conceal it. Depending on where you’ve placed your camera, there are several ways to conceal it.

Use Tape or Velcro

One easy way to conceal your camera is by using tape or Velcro. Simply attach the camera to the back of the rearview mirror or in between seats using tape or Velcro.

Disguise Your Camera

Another option is to disguise your camera as something else. For example, if you’re using a mini spy camera, you can disguise it as a USB drive or keychain.


Hiding a video camera in your car can provide valuable peace of mind when leaving your car unattended. By following these simple steps, you can easily hide a video camera in your car without anyone knowing. Remember to always check local laws and regulations before installing any type of surveillance equipment in your vehicle.