Does XSplit Have Video Editing?

XSplit is a popular software used for live streaming and recording gameplay. However, many people wonder if XSplit also has video editing capabilities. In this article, we will explore whether or not XSplit has video editing features.

What is XSplit?

XSplit is a software that allows users to stream and record their gameplay. It is commonly used by gamers who want to share their gameplay with others on platforms like Twitch or YouTube. XSplit offers various features such as scene creation, webcam support, and audio mixing.

Does XSplit Have Video Editing?

Unfortunately, XSplit does not have built-in video editing capabilities. While it does allow users to record and save their gameplay footage, it does not provide the tools necessary for editing that footage.

What Should You Use Instead?

If you are looking for a software with video editing capabilities, there are several options available. One popular choice is Adobe Premiere Pro, which offers advanced features such as multi-cam editing and color correction. Another option is Final Cut Pro for Mac users, which offers similar features to Premiere Pro.

If you’re looking for something more user-friendly and budget-friendly there are also free video editors such as OpenShot and DaVinci Resolve.


While XSplit does not have video editing capabilities, it still remains a popular choice for gamers who want to live stream or record their gameplay. However if you want to edit your videos you’ll need to use additional software like Adobe Premiere Pro or one of the free alternatives mentioned above.