Does Windows 10 Have Free Video Editing as Well?

If you are a Windows 10 user and have been looking for a video editing tool, you may be wondering if there is a free option available. Fortunately, the answer is yes! Windows 10 actually has a built-in video editor that can be accessed by anyone with the operating system.

What is the Windows 10 Video Editor?

The Windows 10 Video Editor is a simple yet powerful tool that allows users to edit videos without the need for additional software. It offers basic editing features such as trimming, splitting, merging, and adding text and music to videos.

How to Access the Video Editor

To access the Video Editor in Windows 10, simply search for “Video Editor” in the Start menu. Once open, you can begin importing your video files by clicking on “New Video Project” and selecting your desired files.

Basic Editing Features

Trimming: To trim your video, simply click on it in the timeline at the bottom of the screen and drag either end to your desired length.

Splitting: To split your video into multiple clips, click on the point where you want it split and select “Split” from the menu.

Merging: To merge multiple clips into one video file, simply drag them onto each other in the timeline.

Adding Text: To add text to your video, select “Text” from the menu and drag it onto your clip. You can then customize its font, size, color, and position.

Adding Music: To add music to your video, select “Music” from the menu and choose a song from your library or import one from elsewhere on your computer.

Advanced Editing Features

While basic editing features are helpful for many users, more advanced editors may need additional tools. Luckily, the Windows 10 Video Editor also offers some more advanced features such as:

Color Correction: Adjust brightness, contrast, and saturation to enhance your video’s colors.

Speed Changes: Slow down or speed up your video for dramatic effect.

Transitions: Choose from a variety of transitions to smoothly move between clips.


In conclusion, if you are a Windows 10 user looking for a free video editing tool, the built-in Video Editor is definitely worth checking out. While it may not have all the features of more professional software, it offers enough basic and advanced features to create great videos without spending any extra money.