Does Video Camera Have ISO?

Have you ever wondered if your video camera has ISO? The answer is yes, video cameras do have ISO settings. In this article, we will discuss what ISO is and how it affects your videos.

What is ISO?

ISO measures the sensitivity of your camera’s sensor to light. The higher the ISO, the more sensitive the sensor is to light. This means that with a higher ISO, you can take pictures or record videos in low light conditions without having to use a flash or other artificial lighting.

How does ISO affect your videos?

Just like with photography, the ISO setting on your video camera can affect the quality of your videos. Here are three ways that changing the ISO can affect your video:


When you increase the ISO on your camera, it amplifies the signal from each pixel on the sensor. This amplification can introduce noise or grain into your video. The amount of noise will depend on how high you set the ISO and how good your camera’s sensor is at handling noise.


Changing the ISO also affects exposure. A higher ISO will allow you to use a faster shutter speed or smaller aperture while still maintaining proper exposure. However, this can also lead to overexposed shots in bright conditions.

Dynamic Range

Dynamic range refers to how well a camera can capture both bright and dark areas in an image or video. A higher ISO can decrease dynamic range because it amplifies both bright and dark areas equally.


In conclusion, video cameras do have an ISO setting that affects the quality of your videos in various ways. Experimenting with different settings is key to finding the right balance between noise, exposure, and dynamic range for each situation you shoot in. So go ahead and explore this setting on your camera to capture the best possible videos.