Does SD Card Affect Video Quality Drone?

When it comes to drone photography and videography, one of the most important factors to consider is the storage device you’re using. The SD card can have a significant impact on the quality of your footage. In this article, we’ll explore the question – does SD card affect video quality drone?

What is an SD Card?

An SD card is a small, portable storage device that’s commonly used in digital cameras, smartphones, and drones. It’s a non-volatile memory card that can store data even when it’s not powered. SD cards are available in different sizes and capacities.

Does the Type of SD Card Affect Drone Video Quality?

Yes, the type of SD card you use can affect the video quality from your drone. There are different types of SD cards available in the market – standard SD cards, miniSD cards, microSD cards, and more. However, for drone photography and videography purposes, we recommend using microSD cards.

MicroSD cards are smaller in size compared to standard or miniSD cards and offer faster read/write speeds. This means that they can handle high-resolution videos and images without any lag or delay.

What About Storage Capacity?

The storage capacity of an SD card doesn’t necessarily affect the video quality from your drone. However, it does determine how much footage you can capture before you need to transfer it to another device or replace the card with a new one.

If you’re planning on capturing long videos or multiple flights in one session, we recommend using an SD card with a higher storage capacity (64GB or higher).

How Do Write Speeds Affect Video Quality?

One crucial aspect to consider when choosing an SD card for your drone is write speed. Write speed determines how quickly data can be written onto the card. When recording high-quality videos from your drone, you need an SD card that can write data quickly.

If the write speed is too slow, it can result in dropped frames and choppy videos. To avoid this, we recommend choosing an SD card with a write speed of at least 60MB/s.


In conclusion, the type and quality of the SD card you use can significantly affect the video quality from your drone. We recommend using microSD cards with higher storage capacity and fast write speeds to ensure smooth and high-quality footage.

By considering these factors when choosing an SD card for your drone, you’ll be able to capture stunning videos and images without any performance issues.