Does Photoshop Do Video Editing?

Are you wondering if Photoshop can be used for video editing? The answer is yes, but with some limitations. Photoshop is a powerful image editing tool, but it also has some basic video editing capabilities.

What Can You Do With Video in Photoshop?

Photoshop can be used for basic video editing tasks such as trimming clips, adding text overlays and transitions, adjusting color and exposure, and creating animations. However, it’s important to note that Photoshop is not a dedicated video editor like Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro.

Trimming Clips

To trim a clip in Photoshop, you need to open the Timeline panel. This panel allows you to see all the layers in your document over time. You can then select the layer that represents your video clip and drag the handles on either end to trim it.

Adding Text Overlays and Transitions

You can add text overlays and transitions to your videos in Photoshop by creating new layers on top of your video layer. To add text, select the Type tool from the toolbar and click where you want to add text on the canvas. You can also add transitions between clips by creating a new layer with a transition effect like fade or dissolve.

Adjusting Color and Exposure

Photoshop’s adjustment layers allow you to make color and exposure corrections to your videos without affecting the original footage. Simply create a new adjustment layer from the Layers panel and choose an adjustment option like Brightness/Contrast or Hue/Saturation.

Creating Animations

Photoshop has a powerful animation tool called the Timeline panel. This panel allows you to create frame-by-frame animations with your images or videos. You can also use keyframes to animate properties like position, opacity, and scale.

The Limitations of Video Editing in Photoshop

While Photoshop does have some basic video editing capabilities, there are several limitations to keep in mind. First, Photoshop is not designed for real-time video playback, so you may experience lag or dropped frames when working with longer clips.

Second, Photoshop’s video editing tools are limited compared to dedicated video editors like Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro. Finally, Photoshop only supports a limited number of video formats, so you may need to convert your footage before importing it.


In conclusion, while Photoshop can be used for basic video editing tasks, it’s not the best tool for more complex projects. If you’re looking to do serious video editing work, you’re better off using a dedicated video editor like Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro. However, if you already have experience with Photoshop and need to make some quick edits to a video clip, then Photoshop’s basic video editing capabilities can be a useful tool in your toolkit.