Does Morgan Freeman Narrate Scary Movie 5?

The question that many horror movie fans have been asking is- Does Morgan Freeman Narrate Scary Movie 5? The fifth installment of the Scary Movie franchise was released in 2013 and featured a star-studded cast including Ashley Tisdale, Simon Rex, and Charlie Sheen. However, many viewers were left wondering if the iconic voice of Morgan Freeman was behind the narration of this horror-comedy.

The Role of Narration in Scary Movie 5

Narration plays a crucial role in helping to set the tone for any film. In horror movies, it can be particularly effective in creating a sense of tension and unease. The Scary Movie franchise is known for its satirical take on the horror genre, and the use of narration adds an extra layer of humor to the films.

In previous installments of the franchise, comedian Keenen Ivory Wayans provided the voiceover for the opening credits. However, for Scary Movie 5, there were rumors that Morgan Freeman had been brought on board to lend his distinctive voice to the proceedings.

The Truth About Morgan Freeman’s Involvement

Despite these rumors, Morgan Freeman did not provide narration for Scary Movie 5. In fact, there is no official credit given for a narrator in the film’s opening credits or on IMDb.

While it’s unclear how these rumors started, it’s possible that they were fueled by Freeman’s reputation as one of Hollywood’s most recognizable voices. He has lent his distinctive baritone to numerous documentaries and films over his career, including March of the Penguins and The Shawshank Redemption.

  • March of the Penguins: In this documentary about penguins’ mating rituals in Antarctica, Freeman provided commentary to help guide viewers through their journey.
  • The Shawshank Redemption: Freeman played Red in this classic prison drama, and his voiceover helped to provide insight into the character’s inner thoughts and feelings.
  • Bruce Almighty: In this comedy starring Jim Carrey, Freeman played God and provided a reassuring voice to help guide the main character through his trials.


While Morgan Freeman is undoubtedly one of Hollywood’s most recognizable voices, he did not provide narration for Scary Movie 5. The rumors about his involvement in the film were likely fueled by his reputation as a skilled narrator and actor.

Regardless of who provided the narration for Scary Movie 5, the film remains a humorous take on the horror genre. With its star-studded cast and irreverent humor, it’s sure to entertain viewers who are looking for a good laugh.