Does Microsoft Have Free Video Editing Software?

If you’re looking to edit videos on a budget, you might be wondering if Microsoft has any free video editing software available. The good news is that Microsoft does offer a free video editor, but it’s not as robust as some of the other options out there.

What is Microsoft’s free video editing software?

Microsoft’s free video editing software is called “Photos.” It comes pre-installed on Windows 10 devices, so if you have a PC or laptop running Windows 10, chances are you already have access to it.

What can you do with Photos?

Photos allows you to trim and combine video clips, add music and sound effects, apply filters and effects, and even add text and captions. It’s a good option for basic video editing tasks like trimming down footage or adding simple transitions between clips.

How does it compare to other free video editors?

While Photos is a solid option for basic video editing tasks, it doesn’t quite measure up to some of the other free video editors out there. For example, OpenShot and Shotcut are both open-source video editors that offer more advanced features like keyframe animations and 3D animations.

How do I use Photos?

To use Photos, simply open the app on your Windows 10 device. From there, you can import your videos by clicking “New Video” and selecting the clips you want to work with. Then, drag your clips into the timeline at the bottom of the screen to start editing.

What are some tips for using Photos?

Here are a few tips to help you get started with Photos:

  • Use keyboard shortcuts: To speed up your workflow in Photos, try using keyboard shortcuts like Ctrl + Z to undo an action or Ctrl + C/V to copy/paste.
  • Add text and captions: Photos allows you to add text and captions to your video, which can help give context or add a bit of humor.
  • Experiment with filters and effects: While Photos doesn’t offer as many filters and effects as some other video editors, there are still plenty to choose from. Try experimenting with different options to see what looks best for your video.


In conclusion, Microsoft does offer a free video editor called Photos that is great for basic video editing tasks. While it’s not as advanced as some of the other free options out there, it’s a good option if you’re just getting started with video editing or need to quickly trim down some footage.