Does Intoxalock Camera Record Video?

If you’re required to install an ignition interlock device (IID) like Intoxalock in your vehicle, you may have some questions about its functions. One of the most common questions is whether or not the Intoxalock camera records video footage.

What is Intoxalock?

Intoxalock is one of the leading providers of ignition interlock devices in the United States. An IID is a breathalyzer that’s connected to a vehicle’s ignition system.

It requires the driver to provide a breath sample before starting the car. If alcohol is detected above a certain limit, the engine won’t start.

The purpose of an IID is to prevent people from driving under the influence (DUI) and reduce alcohol-related accidents.

Does Intoxalock have a camera?

Yes, Intoxalock has a camera installed in it. The camera captures images of the person providing the breath sample and sends them to Intoxalock’s monitoring center for verification.

However, it’s important to note that the camera doesn’t record video footage. It only takes still images of the driver and sends them over for verification purposes.

Why does Intoxalock have a camera?

The primary purpose of having a camera in an IID like Intoxalock is to prevent fraud or cheating. If someone else tries to provide a breath sample on behalf of the driver, or if someone tries to trick the device by using mouthwash or other substances, the camera will capture their image and send it over for verification.

Additionally, having a camera ensures that drivers are following all necessary protocols when providing their breath samples. For example, they must blow into the device for a certain amount of time and with enough force for accurate readings.

Is my privacy at risk with an Intoxalock camera?

While it may be concerning to some drivers that there is a camera in their vehicle, it’s important to note that the camera only captures images of the driver during breath tests. It doesn’t record any other activity or conversations that may take place in the vehicle.

Furthermore, Intoxalock takes privacy seriously and has measures in place to protect drivers’ personal information. Images captured by the camera are only used for verification purposes and are deleted after they’ve been reviewed.


In summary, Intoxalock does have a camera installed in it, but it doesn’t record video footage. The camera only captures still images of the driver during breath tests for verification purposes. While some drivers may have concerns about privacy, Intoxalock takes measures to protect personal information and ensures that the camera is only used for its intended purpose.