Does Geeni Camera Record Video?

If you’re looking for a security camera that can keep an eye on your home or office while you’re away, you might have come across Geeni cameras. But the question is, does Geeni camera record video? Let’s dive in and find out.

What is Geeni Camera?

Geeni is a brand that offers a range of smart home devices, including cameras. Their cameras are designed to provide 24/7 surveillance of your home or office. They are easy to set up and use, and they come with various features such as motion detection, night vision, and two-way audio.

Does Geeni Camera Record Video?

Yes, Geeni cameras do record video. You can view the recorded footage through the Geeni app on your smartphone or tablet. The app allows you to access live streams and recorded footage from anywhere at any time.

How to Record Video with Geeni Camera?

To record video with your Geeni camera, you need to first set up the camera and connect it to the Geeni app on your device. Once connected, you can start recording by following these steps:

  • Open the Geeni app on your device.
  • Select the camera you want to record from.
  • Tap on the “Record” button located at the bottom of the screen.

The recording will start immediately, and you can stop it by tapping on the “Stop” button.

Where Are Recorded Videos Stored?

Recorded videos from your Geeni camera are stored in the cloud. The videos are encrypted for security purposes and can only be accessed using your account credentials.

How Long Are Videos Stored?

The length of time that videos are stored depends on your subscription plan. If you have a free plan, the recorded videos are stored for up to 24 hours. However, if you have a paid plan, you can store videos for up to 30 days.


Geeni cameras are a great option if you’re looking for an affordable and easy-to-use security camera. They do record video, and you can access the footage from anywhere at any time using the Geeni app. Just make sure that you choose a subscription plan that works for your needs if you want to store videos for more than 24 hours.