Did the Wayan Brothers Make Scary Movie?

One of the most iconic comedy franchises of the early 2000s was the Scary Movie series. Known for its over-the-top humor and outrageous gags, many people often wonder about the creative minds behind these films.

In particular, there has been a long-standing question about whether or not the Wayans brothers were responsible for making Scary Movie. Let’s take a closer look at this question and see what we can find out.

Firstly, it’s important to note that there are five Wayans brothers: Keenen Ivory, Damon, Marlon, Shawn, and Kim. The family has a long history in the entertainment industry and have worked on numerous film and TV projects over the years. However, when it comes to Scary Movie specifically, only two of the brothers are credited as writers: Keenen Ivory Wayans and Shawn Wayans.

According to interviews with the filmmakers, Scary Movie began as a parody of horror films in general rather than a specific movie. The original idea was pitched by Keenen Ivory Wayans who co-wrote and directed the first film in 2000. Shawn Wayans also contributed to the script along with his brother Marlon who had a small role in the film.

Scary Movie was an immediate hit upon its release and spawned four sequels (with a fifth currently in development). While Keenen Ivory Wayans did not return to direct any of the follow-up films, he did serve as executive producer on all five movies in addition to writing credits on several of them.

Despite their involvement with Scary Movie franchise, it’s worth noting that not all of the Wayans brothers were fans of the series. In fact, Damon Wayans (who is not credited on any of the films) criticized Scary Movie for being too crude and vulgar. Similarly, Marlon Wayans has spoken about his mixed feelings towards his involvement in the series years after its release.

In conclusion, while not all of the Wayans brothers were involved in the creation of Scary Movie, Keenen Ivory Wayans and Shawn Wayans both played significant roles as writers and producers. Their contributions helped to shape the series into the irreverent and hilarious franchise that it is known as today.