Did Roy Orbison Ever Star in a Western Movie?

If you are a fan of Roy Orbison and western movies, you may have wondered if the iconic singer ever starred in a western movie. Well, the answer is yes!

Roy Orbison did appear in a western movie. In fact, he appeared in two western movies.

The first movie that Roy Orbison appeared in was “The Fastest Guitar Alive” in 1967. This movie was a comedy-western film that starred Roy Orbison as a spy named Johnny Banner who used his guitar as a secret weapon. The movie was directed by Michael D. Moore and also starred Maggie Pierce, Joan Freeman, and Sammy Jackson.

Roy Orbison not only acted in the movie but also sang several songs for the movie’s soundtrack. Some of the notable songs from the soundtrack include “Pistolero”, “Whirlwind”, and “Good Time Party”. Even though the movie was not successful at the box office, it remains a favorite among Roy Orbison fans.

The second western movie that Roy Orbison appeared in was “Stagecoach” in 1986. This movie was a remake of John Ford’s classic 1939 film of the same name and starred Kris Kristofferson, Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, and Waylon Jennings alongside Roy Orbison.

In “Stagecoach”, Roy Orbison played the character of Alexander Ringo who was an escaped convict seeking revenge on his former partner-in-crime. Once again, Roy Orbison contributed several songs to the film’s soundtrack including “Ride Away” and “Claudette”.

Both of these movies showcased Roy Orbison’s acting skills as well as his musical talent. Despite being primarily known for his music career, he proved himself to be a capable actor in these movies.

In conclusion, if you were ever curious about whether or not Roy Orbison ever starred in a western movie, now you know that he did! Not only did he act in two western movies, but he also contributed to their soundtracks with his beautiful voice and guitar skills.