Did Mick Jagger Star in the Movie Ned Kelly?

When it comes to iconic rock stars, Mick Jagger’s name is certainly one that comes to mind. With his signature moves and unmistakable voice, he has become a legend in the music industry.

However, did you know that Mick Jagger also dabbled in acting? One of his most notable roles was in the movie Ned Kelly.

Ned Kelly is a 1970 Australian biographical Western film based on the life of Ned Kelly – an infamous Australian outlaw who became a symbol of resistance against the British colonial authorities. The movie was directed by Tony Richardson and starred Mick Jagger as the title character.

Jagger’s portrayal of Ned Kelly was met with mixed reviews from critics. Some praised his performance, while others felt that he was not convincing enough as an actor. Regardless, it was certainly an interesting choice for the rock star to take on such a role.

One of the most striking things about Jagger’s performance is his appearance. He underwent a significant transformation for the role, sporting long hair and a bushy beard that made him almost unrecognizable. This dedication to portraying his character authentically is commendable and shows that Jagger took his acting seriously.

The movie itself was also met with mixed reviews but has since become somewhat of a cult classic. It has been praised for its gritty realism and authentic portrayal of Australian history.

In addition to Jagger, the film also starred several other notable actors including Mark McManus and Clarissa Kaye-Mason. The combination of these talented actors helped bring Ned Kelly’s story to life on screen.

Overall, while Mick Jagger may not be known primarily for his acting skills, his performance in Ned Kelly is certainly worth watching. Whether you’re a fan of Westerns or just curious to see how one of rock’s biggest names fares on screen, this movie is definitely worth checking out.

  • Did you know? Jagger’s interest in acting didn’t stop with Ned Kelly. He has since appeared in several other movies including Performance, Freejack, and The Man from Elysian Fields.

In conclusion, while some may argue that Mick Jagger’s acting skills are not quite up to par, his performance in Ned Kelly is still worth watching. With its gritty realism and talented cast, it’s a movie that has stood the test of time and continues to be enjoyed by audiences today.