Did Mel Gibson Star in a Movie Called Payback?

If you’re a fan of action movies, then you might have heard about the 1999 film “Payback.” It’s a classic revenge story that follows the character Porter, played by Mel Gibson, as he seeks to get his share of the loot from a botched heist.

The Plot

The movie begins with Porter being double-crossed by his partner Val Resnick, played by Gregg Henry. Val shoots Porter and leaves him for dead. However, Porter survives and sets out to get his $70,000 cut of the heist money.

Throughout the movie, Porter encounters various obstacles and adversaries that stand in his way. He also reconnects with his estranged wife Lynn, played by Deborah Kara Unger, who helps him in his quest for revenge.

The Cast

Mel Gibson stars as Porter, the protagonist seeking revenge. This was one of Gibson’s first roles after taking a hiatus from acting following the release of “Braveheart” in 1995.

Gregg Henry plays Val Resnick, Porter’s double-crossing partner. Henry is known for his roles in various TV shows such as “The Killing,” “Gilmore Girls,” and “Scandal.”

Deborah Kara Unger plays Lynn, Porter’s estranged wife who aids him in his mission. Unger is known for her roles in films such as “Crash,” “The Game,” and “Highlander: The Final Dimension.”

The Reception

“Payback” received mixed reviews upon its release but has since gained a cult following among action movie fans. The film is praised for its gritty tone and portrayal of violence.

Mel Gibson’s performance as Porter is also widely regarded as one of his best. The character is portrayed as a tough, no-nonsense anti-hero who will stop at nothing to get what he wants.


So, did Mel Gibson star in a movie called “Payback” The answer is yes!

If you’re a fan of action movies and haven’t seen “Payback” yet, it’s definitely worth checking out. With its engaging plot, solid cast, and thrilling action sequences, it’s sure to keep you entertained from beginning to end.