Can You Use Your iPhone as a Video Camera?

Are you looking to record high-quality videos without shelling out for a dedicated video camera? Look no further than your trusty iPhone!

Yes, your iPhone can double up as a video camera, and quite an impressive one at that. Thanks to its advanced hardware and software capabilities, the latest iPhones can capture 4K resolution videos at 60 frames per second! But before we dive into how to use your iPhone as a video camera, let’s first understand why it is a viable option.

Why Use Your iPhone as a Video Camera

The most obvious reason is convenience. Your iPhone is always with you, so you don’t need to carry around an extra device. Additionally, the latest iPhones have excellent video stabilization technology, which helps in reducing shaky footage.

Another reason is the versatility of the iPhone’s camera. The latest models have multiple lenses that allow for different types of shots such as ultra-wide-angle shots or zoomed-in portraits.

Lastly, editing videos on your iPhone is straightforward thanks to the iMovie app that comes pre-installed on all iPhones. You can trim clips, add music and sound effects, and even apply filters right from your phone.

How to Use Your iPhone as a Video Camera

Using your iPhone as a video camera is relatively simple. Open up the Camera app and select “Video” mode by swiping right until you see it. Once in video mode, you can start recording by pressing the red record button.

You can also change the video resolution by going to Settings > Camera > Record Video and selecting the desired option (e.g., 4K at 60fps). Additionally, you can lock focus and exposure by tapping on the subject in-frame until you see a yellow box appear around it.

It’s important to note that shooting videos on your iPhone can drain its battery quickly. To avoid running out of battery mid-shoot, consider investing in an external battery pack.


In conclusion, your iPhone can double up as a video camera thanks to its advanced hardware and software capabilities. It’s convenient, versatile, and easy to edit videos right from your phone. So the next time you’re out and about and need to capture a moment, reach for your iPhone instead of a dedicated video camera.