Can You Use MacBook Air for Video Editing?

Are you considering using a MacBook Air for video editing? While it is a popular choice among many professionals, there are factors to consider before making your decision. Let’s dive into the details.


The MacBook Air is known for its lightweight and portable design, making it a great option for those who are always on the go. However, when it comes to video editing, hardware plays a crucial role in the performance of your device.

Processor: The MacBook Air comes with either an Intel Core i3, i5, or i7 processor. While the i7 provides the best performance, it may not be necessary for basic video editing tasks.

RAM: The MacBook Air comes with 8GB of RAM by default. This may be sufficient for simple edits but if you plan on working with larger files or multiple applications open at once, consider upgrading to 16GB.

Storage: The MacBook Air uses flash storage which is faster than traditional hard drives. However, it has limited storage options. If you plan on working with large video files, consider purchasing an external hard drive.


When it comes to software, the MacBook Air runs macOS which includes several built-in applications such as iMovie and Final Cut Pro X.

iMovie: This application is free with macOS and is great for beginners or those who only need basic editing features such as trimming and adding music.

Final Cut Pro X: This professional-grade software is popular among many video editors. It includes advanced features such as color correction and motion graphics but comes with a higher price tag of $299.


In conclusion, the MacBook Air can be used for video editing depending on your specific needs and budget. If you plan on working with larger files or require advanced features, consider upgrading your hardware and software. However, for simple edits or those just starting out, the MacBook Air may be a great option.

  • Consider upgrading to 16GB of RAM if working with larger files
  • External hard drives can provide additional storage options
  • Final Cut Pro X is a professional-grade software with advanced features