Can You Upscale Video Quality?

Have you ever wished you could improve the quality of a video that is blurry or pixelated? With the rise of high-definition video, it’s easy to spot the difference between a low-quality and high-quality video.

But is it possible to improve the quality of an existing video? In this article, we’ll answer the question – Can you upscale video quality?

What is Video Upscaling?

Video upscaling is a process that increases the resolution and overall quality of a low-resolution video. It involves using algorithms to interpolate additional pixels from the original image to create a higher resolution image. This results in a larger image that still maintains its aspect ratio.

How Does Video Upscaling Work?

Video upscaling works by analyzing individual pixels and their surrounding colors to predict what color or value should be added to fill in any gaps. The most common method used for upscaling videos is called bicubic interpolation. This method calculates a weighted average of 16 neighboring pixels to create each new pixel.

The Limitations of Video Upscaling

While video upscaling can improve the overall quality of an image, there are certain limitations to this process. One major limitation is that it can’t add detail that isn’t already present in the original source material. So if you have a low-resolution video with blurred or pixelated areas, upscaling it will only make those areas larger and more noticeable.

Another limitation is that the algorithms used for upscaling can sometimes introduce artifacts such as jagged edges or halos around objects in the image. This can be especially noticeable when upscaling videos with text or sharp edges.

How Can You Upscale Video Quality?

There are several ways you can upscale video quality:

  • Using Video Editing Software: Many popular video editing software programs offer built-in upscaling tools. These tools use advanced algorithms and filters to improve the overall quality of your video.
  • Using Online Upscaling Tools: There are several online upscaling tools available that allow you to upload your video and have it upscaled automatically.

    These tools use machine learning algorithms to analyze and improve the video quality.

  • Using a Professional Video Upscaler: If you’re willing to invest in professional-grade software, there are several options available that offer advanced upscaling features. These programs use complex algorithms to analyze and improve each frame of your video.


While video upscaling can help improve the overall quality of a low-resolution video, it’s important to understand its limitations. It can’t add detail that isn’t already present in the original source material, and it can sometimes introduce artifacts into the image. However, if used correctly, upscaling can be a great way to improve the viewing experience of your videos.