Can You Make a Low Quality Video Look Better?

Have you ever recorded a video that turned out to be of low quality? It can be frustrating when you have an important video to share, but the quality doesn’t do it justice. However, there are ways to make a low-quality video look better.

1. Improve lighting: One of the most common reasons for low-quality videos is poor lighting.

If the video is too dark or too bright, it can be difficult to see what’s going on. You can improve the lighting by adding more light sources or adjusting the existing ones. If you’re recording outdoors, try shooting during golden hour (an hour after sunrise and an hour before sunset) when the lighting is softer and more flattering.

2. Use filters: Filters can help enhance the colors and contrast of your videos, making them look more vibrant and professional. You can use filters in editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro or even on your phone using apps like VSCO or Instagram.

3. Stabilize shaky footage: Shaky footage can make a good video look amateurish.

Fortunately, there are tools available to stabilize shaky footage in post-production. Software like Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro have built-in stabilization tools, but if you don’t have access to those programs, you can also use smartphone apps like Hyperlapse or SteadyCam.

4. Improve audio quality: Poor audio quality can ruin a good video.

If the sound is muffled or too quiet, it can be difficult to understand what’s being said in the video. You can improve audio quality by using an external microphone or by recording in a quieter environment with less background noise.

5 tips for making low-quality videos look better:

  • Improve lighting
  • Use filters
  • Stabilize shaky footage
  • Improve audio quality
  • Resize the video to a smaller size

5. Resize the video: If all else fails, you can try resizing the video to a smaller size.

This will reduce the pixelation and make the video appear less blurry. However, keep in mind that resizing may also reduce the overall quality of the video.


In conclusion, there are several ways to improve the quality of a low-quality video. Improving lighting, using filters, stabilizing shaky footage, improving audio quality, and resizing the video are all effective methods for enhancing your videos. By using these tips and tricks, you can make your videos look more professional and engaging for your audience.