Can OBS Record Video Camera?

Are you interested in recording video footage with OBS? If so, you may be wondering if OBS can record video from your camera.

The answer is yes! OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) is a versatile and powerful tool that can record video from a wide range of sources, including cameras.

How to Record with OBS
Before we dive into how to record video from your camera with OBS, let’s take a quick look at the basic setup process. First, download and install OBS on your computer. Once it’s installed, open the software and select “Settings” from the main menu.

In the settings menu, navigate to the “Output” tab and choose your desired output format and bitrate. You can also adjust other settings like resolution and framerate here.

Next, click on the “Video” tab in the settings menu. Here you can select your preferred base resolution and output resolution for recording.

Finally, click “OK” to save your settings. Now you’re ready to start recording!

How to Record Video from Your Camera with OBS
To start recording video from your camera with OBS, you’ll first need to connect it to your computer. This can usually be done via USB cable or HDMI cable depending on your camera model.

Once your camera is connected, open OBS and click on the “+” icon in the “Sources” box at the bottom of the screen. From here, select “Video Capture Device”.

In the popup window that appears, give your new source a name (like “Camera”) and select your connected camera from the dropdown menu under “Device”.

You can also adjust other settings like resolution and framerate for this specific source if needed.

Click “OK” to save your new source. Now you should see live footage from your camera in the main OBS preview window!

To start recording this footage, simply click on the “Start Recording” button at the bottom of the screen. OBS will now begin recording video from your camera, along with any other sources you have added like audio or desktop capture.

You can stop the recording at any time by clicking on the “Stop Recording” button.

  • PRO TIP: Before you start recording, make sure to test your camera source in OBS to ensure that it’s working properly and that the footage looks good. You can also adjust settings like white balance and exposure in your camera’s software to improve the quality of the footage.
  • If you want to use multiple cameras in OBS, you can repeat this process for each camera and then switch between them using the “Scene” feature.


In conclusion, OBS can definitely record video from your camera! With a few simple setup steps, you can start capturing high-quality footage from your camera and use it in your videos or livestreams. So give it a try and see what kind of creative projects you can come up with using OBS!