Can Intel Iris Xe Graphics Run 4K Video Editing?

Are you looking to edit 4K videos on a device with Intel Iris Xe Graphics? Well, the answer is yes, but it comes with certain limitations.

What is Intel Iris Xe Graphics?
Intel Iris Xe Graphics is an integrated graphics processing unit (GPU) that comes with the 11th generation Intel Core processors. It offers higher performance than its predecessors and can handle demanding tasks like video editing and gaming.

Can it run 4K video editing?
Yes, Intel Iris Xe Graphics can run 4K video editing, but it depends on the software you are using. Most modern video editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro have hardware acceleration support, which means they can use the GPU to speed up the rendering process.

However, you might face some performance issues if your system lacks the necessary hardware components like sufficient RAM and a powerful processor. In such cases, you might experience lagging or stuttering while editing high-resolution videos.

What are the limitations of Intel Iris Xe Graphics for 4K video editing?
While Intel Iris Xe Graphics can handle 4K video editing to some extent, it has its limitations. Firstly, it has limited VRAM (Video Random Access Memory) compared to dedicated graphics cards like Nvidia GeForce or AMD Radeon. VRAM is crucial for rendering high-resolution videos; hence, if your project involves multiple clips and layers of effects, you might face issues due to limited VRAM.

Secondly, if your project involves heavy effects like motion graphics or color grading, then dedicated graphics cards will perform better than integrated GPUs.

Tips to improve 4K Video Editing Performance with Intel Iris Xe Graphics

  • Clean up your system: Clear unnecessary files and applications from your system as they consume valuable resources.
  • Upgrade your RAM: If possible, upgrade your system’s RAM to at least 16GB or more. This will help with smoother video editing performance.
  • Use Proxy files: If you face performance issues while editing high-resolution videos, consider using proxy files.

    Proxy files are lower-resolution versions of your video that are easier to edit and require less GPU power.

  • Lower Playback Quality: Lowering the playback quality can also improve performance while editing 4K videos on Intel Iris Xe Graphics. You can do this in the software settings itself.


To sum up, Intel Iris Xe Graphics can run 4K video editing, but it has its limitations. It is suitable for basic to moderate video editing tasks but might struggle with heavy effects and multiple layers of footage. However, by following the above tips, you can improve its performance and get the most out of your system’s integrated GPU.