Can I Use Tablet for Video Editing?

Do you ever find yourself wanting to edit videos on-the-go but don’t want to lug around a bulky laptop? Look no further than your trusty tablet!

With advancements in technology, tablets have become a powerful tool for video editing. But can you really use a tablet for video editing? Let’s dive in.

Hardware Requirements

First and foremost, it’s important to note that not all tablets are created equal. If you’re serious about video editing, you’ll need a tablet with some impressive hardware specifications. Here are the key components to look for:

  • Processor: A powerful processor is crucial for handling the demands of video editing. Look for a tablet with at least an octa-core processor.
  • RAM: The more RAM, the better.

    Look for tablets with at least 4GB of RAM.

  • Storage: Video files can take up a lot of space, so you’ll want a tablet with ample storage. Aim for at least 64GB of storage.
  • Screen Size: A larger screen size will make it easier to see details in your videos. Aim for a screen size of at least 10 inches.

The Best Video Editing Apps

Now that we’ve covered the hardware requirements, let’s talk about software. There are many video editing apps available for both iOS and Android tablets, but not all of them are created equal. Here are some of the best options:


  • iMovie: This app comes pre-installed on most iOS devices and is surprisingly powerful considering it’s free. It allows you to edit videos, add music and sound effects, and even create trailers.
  • LumaFusion: This app is a bit pricier at $29.99, but it’s worth it for its advanced features. It allows for multi-track editing, color correction, and even supports external hard drives.


  • KineMaster: This app is free to use but does have a watermark unless you pay for the premium version. It offers multi-track editing, color correction, and even allows you to add handwriting and stickers to your videos.
  • Pinnacle Studio: This app is $12.99 and offers a wide range of features including multi-track editing, slow-motion effects, and even 360-degree video editing.

The Final Verdict

So can you really use a tablet for video editing? The answer is yes!

As long as you have a tablet with powerful hardware specifications and the right video editing app, you can edit videos on-the-go without sacrificing quality. Just be sure to keep in mind that tablets are not meant to replace laptops entirely; they simply offer a more portable option for when you’re on-the-go.