Can a Document Camera Record Video?

Document cameras have become a popular tool in classrooms, offices, and other settings for sharing documents, images, and objects. They are essentially cameras that capture the images of documents or objects placed beneath them and display them on a larger screen or projector.

But can they record video as well In short, the answer is yes!

How does a document camera work

A document camera captures images of documents or objects placed beneath it using a high-resolution camera. The camera lens is positioned above the object to be captured, and the image is then projected onto a larger screen or display device. This allows people to view the object or document in greater detail without having to crowd around it.

Can a document camera record video

While document cameras are primarily designed for capturing still images, most modern models are also capable of recording video. This feature can be useful in various situations where you need to demonstrate how something works or give a presentation that involves moving objects.

How to record video with a document camera

To record video with a document camera, you will need to follow these steps:

  • Connect your document camera to your computer using either USB or HDMI cable.
  • Launch your preferred video recording software on your computer.
  • Select “Document Camera” as your input device in the video recording software.
  • Place the object you want to record beneath the document camera lens.
  • Adjust the focus and zoom as necessary.
  • Click on “Record” in your video recording software.

Tips for recording high-quality videos using a document camera

To get the best results when recording videos with a document camera, consider following these tips:

  • Ensure that there is adequate lighting around the object you want to record.
  • Use a stable surface for the document camera to prevent shaking or movement during recording.
  • Set the camera to its highest resolution setting for better image quality.
  • Position the camera at an optimal distance and angle for the object you are recording.
  • Avoid touching the camera or moving it while recording to prevent blurring.


A document camera is a versatile tool that can be used to capture still images and record videos. If you are giving a presentation or demonstrating something that involves movement, using a document camera to record video can be an effective way to share your ideas with others. By following some of the tips mentioned above, you can ensure that your videos are of high quality and provide clear visuals for your audience.