Are They Making a Movie About Star?

If you’re a fan of the iconic Marvel character Star, you may be wondering if there’s a movie in the works. While there has been some buzz about a possible film adaptation, there’s no official word yet on whether or not we’ll get to see Star on the big screen.

What is Star?

For those who may not be familiar with the character, Star is a superheroine in the Marvel Universe. She first appeared in the comics in 1993 as part of the New Warriors team and has since become a fan favorite. Her real name is Kayla Ballantine and she possesses powers that allow her to fly, create energy blasts, and manipulate light.

The Rumors

There have been rumors circulating for years about a potential Star movie. In fact, back in 2010, it was reported that Marvel Studios was developing a script based on the character. However, nothing ever came of it and there hasn’t been any significant news on the subject since then.

Why hasn’t a movie been made yet?

There are likely several reasons why we haven’t seen a Star movie yet. For one thing, Marvel Studios has had their hands full with other projects such as the Avengers franchise and individual character films like Black Panther and Captain Marvel. Additionally, it’s possible that they simply haven’t found the right creative team or script yet.

What would a Star movie look like?

If a Star movie were to happen, it would likely follow her origin story and see her joining forces with other superheroes to fight evil forces threatening humanity. It could also explore her personal life and relationships outside of heroics.


While fans of Star may be disappointed that there’s no concrete news about a movie adaptation just yet, it’s important to remember that these things take time. In the meantime, we can continue to enjoy the character in the comics and hope that one day she’ll soar onto the big screen.