Are There Any Plans for Another Star Trek Movie?

The Star Trek franchise has been a mainstay in the world of science fiction for over 50 years. From the original series in the 1960s to the recent television shows, Star Trek has captured the hearts and imaginations of fans around the world.

With that said, many fans have been eagerly anticipating another installment in the Star Trek movie series. So, are there any plans for another Star Trek movie Let’s take a look at what we know so far.

Recent Developments

In late 2020, it was reported that Paramount Pictures had hired screenwriter Kalinda Vazquez to write an original Star Trek movie. This news was met with excitement from fans who have been waiting for another movie since 2016’s “Star Trek Beyond.”

While details about the plot of the new film are scarce, it has been confirmed that it will be separate from Quentin Tarantino’s proposed Star Trek movie. Tarantino had previously expressed interest in directing a Star Trek film but later clarified that he would not be directing this particular project.

The Cast

One of the biggest questions on fans’ minds is whether or not the cast of the previous three films will return for this new installment. The answer is currently unknown, but there have been some rumors and hints dropped by members of the cast.

For example, Simon Pegg (who played Scotty in the previous films) recently stated in an interview that he believes there will be another Star Trek movie and that he would be interested in returning if asked. Similarly, Karl Urban (who played Bones) has also expressed interest in returning to the franchise.

Release Date

As of now, there is no official release date for the new Star Trek movie. However, given that Vazquez was hired in late 2020, it’s possible that the film could begin production in the coming years. It’s also worth noting that the COVID-19 pandemic has caused numerous delays in the entertainment industry, so it’s possible that the release date could be pushed back further.


While there is no concrete information about another Star Trek movie at this time, it’s clear that there is interest among fans and within the industry. With a talented screenwriter on board and rumors of cast members returning, it seems likely that we will see another installment in this beloved franchise at some point in the future.